Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm an Old Man...

I realize that I have been terribly, terribly negligent in posting as of late and for that I apologize to my one (?) reader profusely... Truth is, there has not been much to write about. I mean, after the cowboy up and "died" on me, what else of interest could there be. CERTAINLY no man on the horizon after the last fiasco.

However, I am turning 40 next week. 40. Wow. I am not as disturbed by it as many of my friends have been. I look on 4 decades as an opportunity rather than a liability. I am in far better shape than I was at 30. I feel better. I feel better about myself after coming out. So I am looking forward to this next decade with optimism.

On the more immediate front... I am going to Philadelphia and New York for my birthday! I am leaving bright and early Sunday morning for Philly where I will be staying with one of my best friends for about 4 days. Not sure yet what I am going to do while he is working everyday, but since I have the car, the whole world is mine in which to find trouble. I know I want to go to the art museum for starters. And explore every gay bar in town. But that might not be eventful in the daytime as it would be at night...

Thursday of next week, I will be getting on the train to New York where another friend will be meeting me. My friend in Philly will come up that evening as he will be working all day. I loves me some New York. Not sure of everything we are going to do there, but I just know I can't wait. New York is my favorite city and I just love the feeling of being there. And its on my birthday too.

I will post pics from the trip upon my return. Who knows, maybe I will find a hot man for my 40th. Do I have any takers??? C'mon, it's my birthday peeps! C'mon CB! Your're the one! Maybe the bois can be like candles, one for every year... Now, THERE'S a thought!

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