Tuesday, July 17, 2007

One Week of Sobriety

...and I'm still here. I'm as surprised as anyone else...I thought surely by now I would have imploded or committed some heinous hate crime against society, but alas, no. I even went to a few bars this weekend with a couple of friends, and while they drank like the fish they are, I abstained from the sauce and drank water like a good boy that I'm not. And I even played designated driver. That alone should earn me a spot in heaven. Of course all this wasn't easy, mind you. Gracious, no. The only bright spot in all of this is the potential weight loss. Actually, I have already lost a few pounds. It is AMAZING how quickly it comes off if you quit drinking. Before I went on this diet, I need that t-shirt that says "I beat anorexia". However, I am pleased with my self-discipline and am rewarding myself with new clothes -- A SIZE SMALLER. Unless I fall off the wagon, I should be looking like this fella here hopefully in a few weeks (sigh)

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