Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's All About Me...

Well, due to a lack of relavent topics to post about, I decided to blatently steal the following concept from a friend's blog. (She did give me permission, so I am not a total thief).

50 Things I Like:

1. good friends
2. lots of wine
3. kissing
4. 4:30 Monday - Friday
5. the smell of lavender
6. reading a book
7. cheese -- ALL kinds
8. the first signs of spring
9. being in the arms of nice man
10. eating at the Dry Dock in Sarsasota, Florida at sunset
11. going to a movie
12. Christmas parties
13. the smell of the surf
14. loosing weight
15. purchasing art
16. the first crocus popping up out of the ice
17. spending time in New York City
18. antique shopping in St. Petersburg, Florida
19. getting away from the city at night and looking at the stars
20. Bosco's beer
21. sleeping late
22. sitting on my front porch with a glass of wine during the rain
23. intimacy
24. getting a tan
25. seeing a dolphin

26. buying clothes
27. Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house
28. finding a rare first edition book
29. getting a card from a friend
30. looking forward to a job I don't hate
31. seeing a good play or musical
32. a good massage
33. listening to classical jazz
34. looking at old photo albums
36. my house when it has just been cleaned
37. drinking at the top of the Hurricane in St. Pete
38. expensive bath products
39. my mattress pad warmer in the dead of winter
40. being creative with interior design
41. the smell of freshly cut grass (especially when it was not me that had to cut it)
42. going to a Memphis Redbirds game with friends and drinking beer
43. walking on a deserted stretch of beach after dark all by myself
44. burning essential oils
45. when someone really understands me
46. Rotel cheese dip (it's my crack)
47. gardenias
48. being able to say "I love you"
49. cool vintage furniture
50. knowing that I have the best friends anyone could ask for

So, that is a little glimpse into moi. Let me hear from you dear readers as to what makes you happy...

1 comment:

Troystopher said...

I just started reading your blog tonight and I am loving it! Look forward to reading more!


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