Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Bitch is Back...

I'M BACK, PEOPLE! Thanks to Brad for giving me the nudge to get off my duff and post again. Vacation was wonderful. It was so nice to get away for a little while and regroup. The weather was...well, hot and humid. It was mostly in the low 90s and sunny. But, hey - that's better than what we had in Memphis while I was gone, from what I hear. I go to Sarasota twice a year for two weeks at a time because my job allows me so much time off (in lieu of an actual paycheck). I will admit that this time down, I got a little bored at times. Turns out, I really missed the Memphis nightlife. Sarasota has only one gay bar, despite the fact that they have more than twice the population that Memphis does. Blows my mind that I actually said something good about Memphis. I spent some time on the beach and have a lovely tan to show for it and I bought a couple pieces of art that I neither needed nor have a place for but for some reason I discovered I would cease to exist if I did not possess them. All in all, I had a very nice time and got to catch up with some friends.

Now for the really fun stuff.

Last week I went out with the boyfriend of the person that I fell for earlier this summer. Not in that way, people - get your minds out of the gutter. We just went to a club after our workout class for some drinks. Turns out, he wanted me to meet his best friend. The friend, whom I shall call K is HOT. Smoldering hot and very nice. Suffice to say, I was smitten. We spent the rest of the evening at the club getting to know each other better. Super kisser is all I'm sayin'.

With Halloween being nigh and all, I went to a party this weekend. Friends For Life, the local Memphis AIDS organization, hosted a huge costume ball at the Fairgrounds. This was my first big gay event to ever go to. WOW...I went as -- do not laugh -- the construction worker from the Village People. I went with a couple of friends, the boyfriend that set me up and K. Turns out, K had to be pretty discreet at this event as his newly exed ex was there. He spent most of the evening with one of the girls that came with us and I was off to explore the candy store, so to speak. However, at one point, the girl danced with me and said that K really liked me and that he was mine for the taking if I wanted him. Nice.

That's when I met C.

C was dancing across from me and is also hot as hell. We danced for a little while (oh, can this boy dance - I mean) and I found out he was with a couple of mutual friends. We seemed to find each other several times during the night. He asked the mutuals if we liked me and I got the stamp of approval (always a good thing). We made out a little on the dance floor and then we went outside for some fresh air. The building we were in exits into a dilapidated amusement park that has since closed down. We walked around there for awhile and he saw our big wooded roller coaster (Elvis' very favorite). He said he would have never gotten on it and I said it was really fun. We had a good time and made out a lot more outside. (I said where IS my Chapstick, bitches?). By the time we got back inside, the party was dying down and my crew had left me (seems to be an emerging theme with this group) but I had my own car so this was not a problem. We went back to the mutual friends' house and hung out there for awhile. I rolled in at about 2:30 - which if you know me, is an absolutely ungodly late hour.

Something else really nice happened at the party as well. I ran into a guy I met a couple of years ago and ... ahem ... "hung out" with him and his partner. He was surprised to see me as I was not out when I met him. I told him I had since come out to almost everyone. He hugged me and said he and his partner were very proud of me and that it was good to see me so happy and that he could tell I was really tormented when he first met me. I have to say, that was one of the most special things that someone has said to me in a long time. He made me feel so good about myself. It was nice and refreshing to discover that there are some people out there that are real, which has not been my experience with the gay community. That alone would have made my night completely worthwhile.

Sunday, the next day, I called C and we hung out all day. We had a long lunch and went downtown to the River Arts Fest late in the afternoon and then we met a couple of friends for dinner and had drinks after. Actually, we drank all afternoon, but that could reflect badly on me, so we will ignore that fact. I really like this guy. He is a breath of fresh air. Kinda like Hurricane Katrina. (He actually did a cartwheel as we crossed the street). The energy...I really enjoyed the time I spent with him and would like to see him again and we planned on lunch this week.

Yesterday, after work, I talked to K for about 45 minutes. This weekend, we are going out. I feel kinda slutty seeing two guys at the same time. A friend said you are only slutty if the clothes come off. That hasn't happened with either one of these, but, Lord its happened plenty times before. The boyfriend who set me up with K said not to worry about it, to go out with both of them and have a good time. He said I was just going thru my gay adolescence (now that I'm almost 40). Interesting turn of events. Seems like every day brings something new and different. Well, believe it or not, that's all for now. I'll keep you posted...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Life's A Beach...

Well, dear fellow bloggers, I am off on a much needed vacation. Tomorrow morning I am leaving for sunny Florida. My very favorite aunt lives in Sarasota and am fortunate enough to be able to go twice a year for two weeks at a time. It is always so refreshing to leave this hellhole (that being Memphis) and go to a nice, pretty, CLEAN city where the top story on the news isn't who killed who (number 1 in the nation for violent crime) or how corrupt our corrupt mayor is (who was just re-elected last week for a 5th term, despite the fact that 57% of us didn't vote for him). Yes, I go to Sarasota to renew my sense of humanity and realize that there are nice places in this country to live. Plus, after all the drama in my life recently, it will be nice to take a step back and regroup.

Last night, I went to dinner with two very good friends for a celebration of sorts. One year ago last week, my friend ended a 12 year relationship with her partner, which was very hard for her, and that same night, I came out to her. A very tumultuous year is finally over. It's amazing how far we both have come in the span of 365 days. Wow. A year and a week ago, I was securely in the closet, and since that time, I have come out to all my close friends, fell for someone and experienced feeling something that I never knew existed. Even though that didn't work out, I have a much deeper friendship with my friend and for that I am very grateful. The events of this past year have made me feel alive for the first time in my life. Dinner was lovely. We went to a new hotel downtown and had cocktails and listened to a local jazz singer, who has also become a friend, and had dinner at the Daily Grill. Despite the fact that it was pouring rain for most of the night, it was perfect.

Here are a few picture of Sarasota and the beach I will be sitting my fat ass on. Oh, and I can't get by without putting at least one eye candy photo in for y'all.

I'll post when I get back...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's All About Me...

Well, due to a lack of relavent topics to post about, I decided to blatently steal the following concept from a friend's blog. (She did give me permission, so I am not a total thief).

50 Things I Like:

1. good friends
2. lots of wine
3. kissing
4. 4:30 Monday - Friday
5. the smell of lavender
6. reading a book
7. cheese -- ALL kinds
8. the first signs of spring
9. being in the arms of nice man
10. eating at the Dry Dock in Sarsasota, Florida at sunset
11. going to a movie
12. Christmas parties
13. the smell of the surf
14. loosing weight
15. purchasing art
16. the first crocus popping up out of the ice
17. spending time in New York City
18. antique shopping in St. Petersburg, Florida
19. getting away from the city at night and looking at the stars
20. Bosco's beer
21. sleeping late
22. sitting on my front porch with a glass of wine during the rain
23. intimacy
24. getting a tan
25. seeing a dolphin

26. buying clothes
27. Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house
28. finding a rare first edition book
29. getting a card from a friend
30. looking forward to a job I don't hate
31. seeing a good play or musical
32. a good massage
33. listening to classical jazz
34. looking at old photo albums
36. my house when it has just been cleaned
37. drinking at the top of the Hurricane in St. Pete
38. expensive bath products
39. my mattress pad warmer in the dead of winter
40. being creative with interior design
41. the smell of freshly cut grass (especially when it was not me that had to cut it)
42. going to a Memphis Redbirds game with friends and drinking beer
43. walking on a deserted stretch of beach after dark all by myself
44. burning essential oils
45. when someone really understands me
46. Rotel cheese dip (it's my crack)
47. gardenias
48. being able to say "I love you"
49. cool vintage furniture
50. knowing that I have the best friends anyone could ask for

So, that is a little glimpse into moi. Let me hear from you dear readers as to what makes you happy...

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