Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye '08...

It is now the last day of the year. As I sit and write this, I honestly do not know where it went. It really seems just like yesterday when I was at my favorite hangout, Mollie Fontaine Lounge (as I will be tonite), ringing in 2008. I even remember conversations from that night. I'm not a big resolution person, so I am not going to try to make a lot of promises to myself that I wont follow thru on - though I am going to try very hard to do a few things.

First I want to be in better shape and a little thinner than I am now. I will be turning 40 in February and I am actually looking forward to it. I am in a better place in my life now than I ever have been now that I have come to grips with who I am and had some time to become comfortable with it and I am very happy about that. The other thing is I am going to try to swear off men, for I find that they are pigs and I certainly don't need one. I want to try to be happy with who I am rather than to find a man to complete me. Now don't get me wrong...things will still be taken care of. But I will not looking for a permanent man.

All that said, I hope all of you out there has the happiest of New Year's and stay SAFE!


Bear Me Out said...

Happy New Year! Let me tell you, the forties are good. Sorry I missed them! Didn't come out to myself (even) till I was about 48. Slow learner here.

Give up on finding the right man. But don't give up. I think it really does happen when we surrender trying. Hey. You ain't met me, yet.

cb said...

Well I hope since you aren't looking anymore that you find a really good man. (and not a psycho game player)

Anonymous said...

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Adam said...

Hope you can find a great man! each of us have destiny. The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.


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