Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jeremy Piven doesn't love me...

but, GOD, I wish he did. Who is Jeremy Piven you might ask? Simply put - he is the hottest man alive. In addition to his incredible looks, he is critically acclaimed for his portrayal of uber-agent Ari Gold on the HBO series Entourage. (Blasphemers have referred to him in print as The Pivert - but we wont go there as we know they are haters.)

The title of this entry is a shameless and thoroughly unoriginal rip-off of Mr. Michael Thomas Ford's Collection of essays entitled Alec Baldwin Doesn't Love Me. If you have not read this book, immediately stop wasting your time reading this blog and go out and get his book. You will love it - guaranteed.

But, I digress. Jeremy. My God, what a fine speciman of manliness. Which brings me to the point of this lastest entry. Are there any rules as to what we as gay men find attractive? For me it is Jeremy. But why do I melt into a blithering puddle every time I see him smile? I wish I knew or could explain it, but I can't. We are simply attracted to who we are attracted to. Which reinforces my belif that being gay is not a choice as some would lead you to believe. But that is WAAAAAAY too big of a topic to try to handle right here and now. I may try to tackle that one later. As someone who has just made a few steps out of that damn proverbial closet (I really hate that word), I am learning that it is OK to admit that I am attracted to someone of my gender. Jeremy notwithstanding, the attraction to men has always been there, but the acknowledgement of it was more troublesome. Thankfully, I am at the beginning of a journey that has already proven fulfilling. A dear friend recently noted that if we're lucky, we get about 80 years in this life, give or take. I'm pushing 40, and believe me, 40 is pushing back with a vengence. Now that the curtian is about to rise on the full (God willing) second act, I am looking forward to seeing the denouement of this drama called "My Life". I am learning that it is a journey to be savoured. All that being said, I have one further question...For God's sake people, doesn't anyone have the Piv's phone number???

Still the way it is...

Creative Thinker

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