Friday, November 16, 2007

The holidays are here !!!!!

I am so looking forward to the holidays, especially this weekend. Tonite, a couple of friends and myself are going to the Memphis College of Art Holiday Bazaar. The local art college does this once a year around Thanksgiving where students, faculty and alums sell their art. It is really fun -- great art and I always run into people (read cute guys as well as legitimate friends). And then there is the wine. Saturday night, I am going to dinner with a few friends and following that, we are planning to go out to my new favorite hotspot, the new upscale gay bar. My favorite local jazz chanteuse plays on the weekends and I just adore her. She adores me too. I get to sit on the bench beside her as she plays (I just love favoritism, when I am the favorite). God only knows where we will end up after that. Sunday night is the really fun night. For many years now, one of my best friends has a Thanksgiving dinner at her house. FOR FORTY PEOPLE. Yes, 40. Tables are set up, fresh flowers are all over the place. Huge centerpiece on the table. It gets tight with all those people, but that is half the fun. It is very intimate, which is hard to imagine with all those people there, but really, it is. She always holds the dinner on a Sunday night so as not to interfere with everyone's holiday travel plans. We get to see people that we don't get to see all year long, due to hectic schedules, kids and such silliness. For me, this dinner is the kickoff for the holiday season. Also, this one is a little bittersweet as the one that has my heart is moving in a couple of months and this may be his last Thanksgiving dinner with us in Memphis for awhile, depending on whether or not he can get off to come back. My very favorite aunt that lives in Sarasota, Florida is flying into town today for the week. God knows what trouble we can get into or, more accurately, what she will talk me into buying for my house that I don't need nor can afford. I know I sound giddy, but I just love the holidays and am really looking forward to this week. I do have to work Monday - Wednesday, but I don't really mind going into work as so many people take time off and things are a bit more relaxed.

And now for the most important thing. I have made a magical new discovery on HGTV last night. His name is Carter Oosterhouse (sigh) and apparently he has his own show about carpentry. Something tells me he is ... ahem... quite handy. I can certainly think of a few things he could do. Just look at him. I mean take a good look. My goodness gracious...Now, if he would just call me up and ask me to marry him...Hey - a guy can dream.

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daveincleveland said...

think i need some home improvements done....wonder if he is available for long term assignment........damn he sure is fine


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