Monday, November 5, 2007


As I mentioned in the previous post, I had a date Friday night. Where to start??? I had a really nice time with K. He is a great conversationalist. We went to a mid-town restaurant and had a perfectly lovely dinner. Following that, we went for drinks to an upscale gay lounge that is new to Memphis. Had a very nice time there. He just passed his boards or something like that to be a masseuse. WOW - what hands. While were in the lounge, he was rubbing my back and neck and I felt like I was in heaven. I swear, with all the wine and neck rubbing, he could have thrown me into the trunk, taken me out in the country and cut me up in a million pieces and I wouldn't have cared less. I was tired because we had been out to a club the night before and I was fading fast, so we called it an early night. Did I mention what a GREAT kisser he is? Slap my ass and call me Judy. Phew... I cannot tell you how perfect the night was.

I will not be going out with him again.

There is ALWAYS a fly in the ointment. I wont bore you with all of this again (read the older posts to find out what happened previously on Dallas) but I was set up on this date by the semi-boyfriend of the guy I fell for this summer (one of my very dearest friends). K was the boyfriend's best friend. Follow that? No? Good. My friends' boyfriend had befriended me when he started dating my friend, presumably as a result of the circumstances of how they met (which involved me getting hurt). I thought this guy was trying to keep me from being hurt any more than I already was. Come to find out, he was saying one thing to me and another to my friend. And when I say one thing, I mean lots and lots of things. In short, he was playing both of us like a fiddle. Until my friend and I started comparing notes and realized that things aren't always as they appear. I think the ex-boyfriend is a complete freak to manipulate both of us the way he did. TOTAL head games. I'm sorry, but if you are dating someone and you want to trash them are you going to do it to your boyfriend's best friend WHILE you are telling the boyfriend that you love him? See what I was dealing with??? I'm still not sure what the reasoning behind all of this was but it no longer matters. My friend nor I want to have anything to do with behavior of this kind. I count myself very fortunate that I still have his friendship after all of this. I heard this stuff and I did not tell him. Which was wrong of me. Very wrong. He was very mad at me when he heard this - understandably so. It shows what a good guy he is that he forgave me.

The next night, we (my friend and I) went dancing and all is well with the world. That is until I woke up with the hangover. As luck would have it, before we went dancing, we went to the same lounge where I had my date, and I left with a telephone number. Let the drama resume...


Mike said...

Glad to hear that the date well, but am sorry about the awkward parts and drama that ensued.

javajones said...

Oh yeah, Drama Drama Drama. I despise head games like that. The fool. I'm glad you and your friend are staying away from that drama queen. Good luck with the new phone number!

Troystopher said...

WOW... can't wait to see what happens next! haha

Blogger said...

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