Friday, June 6, 2008

My Top 40

After long and careful consideration, what follows is essentially my perfect list of the "most doable" men ever. These are the ones, in order, that simply do it for me... Not to say the list wont change in the future, but for the time being, these really, really, really push my buttons... (OK - The names don't quite match the pics, but do your best...)

1. Ryan Reynolds

2. Tim McGraw

3. Jason Statham

4. Colton Ford

5. Jeremy Piven

6. Tom Chase
7. Dave Annabele
8. Colin Ferrell
9. Chris Evans
10. Chris Cagle
11. Gabriel Macht
12. Christian Bale
13. Antonion Sabatio, Jr.
14. George Cloony
15. Andy Roddick
16. Billy Currington
17. Jamie Bamber
18. Andy Roddick
19. Paul Walker
20. Scott Caan
21. Aaron Eckhart
22. Dermot Mulroney
23. Rupert Everett
24. Jude Law
25. Tom Brady
26. Ricky Martin
27. Christopher Gorham
28. Balthazar Getty
29. Scott Speedman
30. Ryan Gosling
31. Gerard Butler
32. Gavin Rossdale
33. Deirks Bently
34. Billy Crudup
35. Nick Lachey
36. James Franco
37. Eric Maibus
38. Jesse Metcalf
39. Patrick Dempsey
40. Hugh Jackman


Anonymous said...

#15 & #18 are the same... do you just like him more?? :-)

borg_queen said...

I'm not much into Ryan Reynold's face. I'd still do his bod, though. BTW, who's the guy with the sprinkler?

Java said...

Patrick Dempsey, Hugh Jackman... Oh yes! What is your opinion of Timothy Oliphant? I hardly ever hear anything about him, but I think he is HOT!

Creative Thinker said...

Colton Ford used to be in ... cinema. He sings now. One of the HOTTEST guys out there. I think he gets better as he gets older. That gray...phew...WOW. Like Timothy Oliphant too, but like you, I don't hear muuch about him. But he is easy on the eyes. And, just for the record - I CANNOT get enough of Ryan Reyolds. He makes me melt like buttah...

cb said...

We have remarkably similar taste in men... although I would have placed some of your lower list higher up...

K said...

I totally agree with Ryan Reynolds....he is one of my all time favs!

And he is Canadian too....which makes him just that much better...LOL!

Anonymous said...


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