Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm BAAACK!!!!!!

Well kids, I'm BACK!!! Florida was wonderful. I only stayed a week this time as I had to dogsit one of my best friends creatures (Golden Retrievers) and I wanted to be back by Halloween. Lots of fun. The weather was about half good. It rained cats and dogs for a couple of days I was there. Then there was a couple of sunny days and then it turned cold. My ass can go on a beach just about anytime - EXCEPT when it is 50 degrees out. Brrr... I went to a couple of boy bars and realized how much I missed Memphis in that aspect...

I had some really good visits with some friends. The most special time was when my friend Jack saw me and said "welcome home". That's when I realized that Sarasota is just as much home for me as Memphis is. I may not have as many friends there but what I lack in quantity, I make up for in quality.

Tonite I am going to my neighbors house for trick or treating and wine drinking. I have never stayed in my hood for Halloween. As it turns out, Halloween is the anniversary of my heart attack. That was 14 years ago today. It has only been in the past couple of years that I have gotten back in the spirit of Halloween and in a lot of ways it is exciting. I am going as the biker from the Village People. We'll see if I am the laughing stock.

Check out the pics that I took... all taken by me except for the hot boys, which I wish I could take... :-)


Mike said...

Welcome back!!!

Missed you!!!

Glad you had a great time!

I have 3 choices this year for Halloween-
1. party at my good high school friends house where a lot of kids I knew from HS would be
2. stay at home and hang out with my neighbor like I've done the past 2 years
3. party at The Guy's

I'm going to The Guy's because it is more expected I'll attend that one, plus it is a costume party. I'm a doctor this year.

cb said...

Hope you had fun. HOpe you voted today! And I really liked the palm tree picture.

Anonymous said...

howdy pardner!

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