Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm a Pissy Bitch...

I have officially HAD it with people. I have discovered that I just plain don't like them. Just now, I was in the breakroom talking with a coworker. We were the only ones in there, so I was speaking in a normal tone of voice. Some goofturd intern walks in and goes to the snack machine to get something that will make him even fatter. So, not wanting the whole world to know of what I was speaking, I lower my voice. My friend does the same. After we conclude the conversation, we are giggling and walking off. Goofturd proceeds to inform us that "its not polite to whisper, people". WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!? Who in the FUCK does he think he is?!?!?!? I was not speaking to him because I do not nor do I ever want to know this little fucktard with Head Up Ass Syndrome. God Almighty.

Not to mention that I cannot STAND bad drivers. I seem to have encountered EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM IN MEMPHIS today. And I have not even gone home yet where I am sure I will encounter more of these boils on the butt of humanity. I have been pissy all day over stupid people, but the intern just took the cake. I just need to breathe deeply ... and get laid...preferably by one of these. Yeah, that would make me feel better...

1 comment:

cb said...

YOu should have said (about the whisper thing), "Yes it is, when we're talking about someone in the room."

Might as well just give him a complex to go along with his weight problem.


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