Friday, December 28, 2007

Kiss Off 2007

Wow! Another year has gone by. Can you believe it. They seem to go by so much quicker with each passing year. It REALLLLLY doesn't seem like 12 months ago since the last New Year's Eve party. It really doesn't. Yet so much has happened in these 12 short months. For me, by far the biggest, was coming out to my friends and learning to find my way in the gay community. I have certainly made my share of mistakes in this short time and I have a feeling that I will be trying to find my way for some time to come. The end of the year always brings about some form of introspection. Perhaps that is what the end of the year is see where we have been so we can see where to go. Generally, I, like most other lazy Americans, will make the same January resolution to loose weight or some other such silliness. But something happened yesterday to change my perspective on the way I view the end of the year. That thing was the assination of Benazir Bhutto. What a waste. This woman loved her country and was trying, against horrible opposition, her best to make it more liveable and fair for all of its citizens. And they had to kill her for that. At the end of this year, her story tells me to stand for what I believe is right. She certainly. Many would say look what it got her. It got her message of peace and democracy out to the world. One person can make a difference, even when they are gone. With all this said, I want to look forward to another year of opportunities and blessings. I hope each of you has a SAFE and JOYFUL New Year.


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