Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Weighty Observation...

Ok -- This post is at the request of a friend of mine (same friend who likes to tell me what to write about). At first, I poo-pooed the idea, as I generally do her suggestions. But the more I got to thinking, the more I decided I have might have something to say after all.

Today, the cast of characters involves three people: myself, and two of my best friends (hereafter referred to as #1 and #2). As most of my faithful (few) readers will recall, I have subjected myself to the trials and tribulations of a diet. Have been for three weeks. And I have done quite well, thank you. I have been ardently practising the finer tenets of the Suzanne Somers diet plan. I have yet to weigh myself, and don't really plan on doing so in the near future. What I can say is that my clothes feel remarkably looser and my face (angelic thing that it is), my legs and arms have defiantly got smaller. The torso area is the last to go, but praise sweet Jesus, its getting there too. However, I still feel like a lard-ass and will until I loose approximately another 15-20 pounds. But, I have a realistic perspective on the situation and realize that the weight did not appear overnight, and, by God, it ain't going away overnight. I choose perseverance.

Friend #2 exercises like a fiend. He runs around in endless circles and generally takes care of himself...excessive drinking, notwithstanding. And he has the body to show for it (cute to boot, too). Plus, he has benefited from a fortunate spin of the ol' genetic wheel.

Which brings us to friend #1. My problem child. This one recently came to the conclusion that perhaps she might need to shed a few pounds. Problem is, she hasn't figured out how to do it effortlessly. Sweet child, it wont be effortless, but what we should be concerned with here is the concept of self-discipline. I shit you not...I actually got the question from her, "What do I do at work when the donuts come around?" Well, bout just say NO THANK YOU!! (God Almighty) As I have told her, ad nauseum, I am much more concerned with her health than her looks. And the thing is, she can do this. She has done it before with remarkable success. And she can do it again if she sets her mind to it.

Which brings me to the larger issue here. Everyone knows we have a weight problem in this country. I don't have the exact obesity statistics on hand at present, but suffice to say, it's a honkin' lot. We're talking epidemic levels here. This of course, is not news to anyone, but lest there is someone living under a rock somewhere, just open your eyes and look around. Add to that that we have a society that deifies the thin to the point of eating disorders. As an aside, I was watching a television show awhile back and a little girl asked her grandma what anorexia was. Her grandmother replied, "its a disease little girls catch from reading too many magazines." I LOVE it.

I guess my point in all this is that we all need to possess a semblance of personal responsibility and self-discipline in our lives. Not just in the area of weight, but throughout our entire lives. I would rather see a person with an otherwise imperfect body make a good-hearted effort to get in and stay in optimal health rather than going off the deep end attempting having the "perfect" body that even if attained, will not and cannot satisfy. I know I'm not getting any younger, but personally, I would rather have another healthy 40 years ahead of me although I know that decision is ultimately in the hands of the good Lord above. But I'm certainly going to try my damnedest to do my part.

As food for thought (perhaps those aren't the right words) I submit for your inspiration some delicious eye-candy (well, hell -- can't go with eye-CANDY, either). Here -- just look and lust.

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