Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Boi is Coming Home...

This afternoon I will be returning to Memphis from Philly...I have had a WONDERFUL time but I am sad to be leaving my friend, especially for life in Memphis of all places. Why is it that the grass is always greener. Wow - what a weekend...Friday we hung out in West Chester which is one of the quaintest towns I have been in. It's downtown is small and picturesque...Saturday we got up and drove into Philly. First we went to an up and coming district on the cusp of change (read: next to the ghetto) called Northern Liberties. We had lunch at a bar there and went into some shops. But, hunny, let me tell you the ghettos we went thru to get there. It was SOMETHING...And I thought Memphis was bad... Wow. They just kept going and going...

After we got situated at the hotel, we wandered around downtown Philly. REALLY nice town. It did not have that big city feel to it at all. But once you have been weaned on New York as your big city, then Philly is not at all intimidating. We saw Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Then we went wandering around the "gayborhood". After dinner, we went to several of the bars there and had a good time. I met some interesting but cute locals.

Next day we came home and watched part of the Memphis game (GO TIGERS). Now let me say that I have 2 degrees from the University of Memphis and I have a certain friend that is maniacally obsessed with the basketball program to the point of mental illness, despite the fact that she never graduated from there...I thought it would be funny to call her at the beginning of the game and tell her that my friend and I had a huge fight and I was in a cab going to the airport, crying my eyes out. He told me she wouldn't answer the phone. Probably right.

Well, in a little bit I will be leaving for the airport to come home...Ahhhhh....vacations. Unfortunately I have to go back to the real world tomorrow (bleck).


debriefme4funagain said...

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Silly Billy said...

Ok, I got distracted by that first picture and have no idea what you wrote.

Rick said...

You know you've had a good vacation when there's a little sadness in leaving.


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